Worst Tow Jobs in Towing History

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These are hard for us to watch.

We’re posting them for two reasons: one, this is what can happen when you don’t research the company you’re calling, and two, hard as they are to watch, these videos are hilarious.

Who knows, maybe it’s his first day on the job and he was a little nervous.

Either way, besides his completely forgetting to pull the parking brake, the SUV is completely crooked on the flatbed!

To be fair, the driver didn’t cause any damage, though he was a bit careless. Even if it’s a vehicle to be junked, the driver should be a little more professional. And though the people were giving him flak, he still got it on evenly (it just took a few maneuvers).

A snatch block could’ve helped get that initial angle better.

This is the perfect, case-in-point example of why we don’t recommend people to tow their own vehicles. There are tons of examples like these out there…don’t do this yourself! That loading truck could have hurt someone.

This looks like a repo job. Generally, a driver would use a dolly here, a flat bed or perhaps strap the wheel. The least he could’ve done is drive more towards the center of the road!

You know what’s the worst feeling? Chasing after your own rolling vehicle. Another example of someone not properly handling a rollover.

We’re also thrilled to see the crowds that a tow job will attract. Seems that everyone lines up for this stuff!

While some videos are funny, this one is quite scary. Especially seeing how the cable almost hit that man in the face. Any towing professional knows to never put the truck in neutral like that.

If a car has to be moved, it needs to be done right. As you can see, plenty of things can go wrong, and the costs can be huge.

There are a ton of “fly-by-night” towing companies out there. If you need tow services, don’t just call the first one you see. It’s like, if you needed some dental work, you wouldn’t just call the first dentist you heard of, right? Same goes for your vehicle.

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