Why Should You Choose a Preferred AAA Towing Company?

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The worst has happened: your car has broken down and is stalled on the side of the highway. Thankfully, you have your AAA card with you and AAA road service has contacted a towing service for you. However, why should you choose to go with the preferred AAA towing company over another tow company in the area? After all, wouldn’t it make sense to go with a local towing company so you can get back on the road more quickly?

When it comes to AAA road service, going with a certified towing company can ensure that you won’t have any costly out of pocket expenses, as well as guarantee your safety while getting your car repaired. AAA towing companies are certified to provide you with the best service in helping you get back on the road, and can save you from making costly mistakes when trying to repair your car.

Advantages of using AAA towing company


aaa towing vancouver waPreferred AAA towing companies are chosen for their credibility and their dedication to serving the people of a specific area. So you will get all of the benefits of a local company, with the backing of AAA. They are dedicated to making sure you get the best service, and are affiliated with AAA to make sure you maintain your membership discount.

If you do not use an affiliated AAA roadside assistance company, you are likely to be subjected to out of pocket fees, which can be worse than the repair bill for your car. AAA towing companies work closely with the company to make sure you get the best service possible in any given area, and work hard to make sure you don’t end up in a difficult situation while you’re stuck on the side of the road.


Preferred AAA towing companies are checked yearly to guarantee they provide safe, timely services for the people of their area. They are guaranteed to work with the AAA company, and should have their logo on the side of their truck to make it easy to identify them as partners with the service. AAA road service makes sure you aren’t stuck in a sticky situation on the side of the road, and can help you get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. AAA towing companies are monitored to make sure they are operating smoothly, so you can get the best service possible.


No matter where you find yourself, preferred AAA towing companies are guaranteed to help get you safely to your destination without hidden fees. If you are looking for a AAA roadside certified company in the Southwest Washington area, look no further than Chappelle’s Towing to help you get your car repaired and back on the road without having to worry about hidden fees.

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