There simply is nobody better than Chappelle’s Towing when it comes to tow requests and impound requests in the greater Vancouver, Washington, area. When you see those big pink or blue Chappelle’s Towing trucks, you know that quality work is on its way.

At Chappelle’s Towing, we are highly experienced in handling tow requests and managing impound services. We work hard to establish and maintain great working relationships with both residential and commercial property owners. When the time comes for a tow, they call us.

Chappelle’s Towing

Chappelle’s Towing provides towing services and impound services throughout Clark County, Washington. We’ve been providing superior service since we first opened our doors in 1981.

Things were a lot different back then — but some things have remained the same. For example, our skilled vehicle recovery specialists still use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best towing services this region has to offer. We still guarantee 24-hour, damage-free towing. And we remain committed to only the highest level of service, whether our customers reach us via our dispatch team or through an interaction with one of our drivers.

Questions? Contact Chappelle’s Towing at 360-696-1710 (Vancouver, Washington) or 360-723-5750 (Battle Ground, Washington).

Tow Requests and Impound Requests

We’ve seen it all in our nearly 40 years in business: vehicles in ditches, on the other side of steep embankments, or stranded in the middle lane of busy highways.

Our key services are towing, roadside assistance, impound services, accident scene services, winching and public auto auctions. For recovery and towing services, our beautiful pink and blue trucks and our dedicated drivers can handle any towing or impounding request.

Impounding is one of our top services. Once the vehicle is impounded and stored in our secure lot, the registered owner has up to 23 days to retrieve their car. If the vehicle is not picked up by then, we will place it in our abandoned vehicle auction, which is held every other Thursday.

Long story short: We’re in the business of towing, impounding and roadside service. If you have a need for any of those services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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