Gene Hendrickson towed my car for me and did an amazing job, he is a super nice guy and very helpful. Thank you!

Payton S. – 3/9/17

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with my Chappelle’s Towing service. Gene Hendrickson responded. He was punctual, super friendly, and efficient mounting my Subaru. Good Job Gene!

Todd L. – 3/6/17

four star ratings

Thank You!, Emo was awesome!!!

Jim’s Transmissions – 3/14/17

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Kenny did a great job! The driver was very friendly and stayed with me until her Uber driver arrived and he even helped me get my groceries into the vehicle. Great employee’s at Chappelle’s Towing!

Erica Benson – 2/9/17

Five Star Rating Chapelles Towing

Fast service and care and attention as Emo helped us get to a tire repair shop while we were moving!

Gayle J. — 8/27/15

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Rae is Wonder Woman!

Sandy Blick — 11/7/16

five stars

Emo should get a raise! He is very courteous, polite, helpful, and went above and beyond. I will be using Chappelle’s from now on.

Diana Fox — 10/30/16

five stars

Kenny did an awesome job! I am very impressed with the way [Kenny] handled the whole situation.

Travis — 1/6/17

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Praise to Clarence & Rae! I appreciated their professionalism and kindness.

Lisa — 12/28/16

five stars

Mikey made our night! He is a good guy, keep doing what you’re doing!

Danielle — 1/5/17

five stars

Mikey was a very nice driver and did a good job. He’s awesome!

Luis Moreno — 12/22/16

five stars

Zach went above and beyond. Thank you [Chappelle’s Towing].

Katherine — 12/27/16

five stars

What an awesome company, and your driver Clarence was so professional and I cannot say enough good things about him and the business Thank you very much!

Donna W. — 12/27/16

five stars

Hats off to driver Zack for spending two relentless hours, trying to locate a stranded driver we met while hiking on a forest service road, with intermittent cell service, several miles from anything or anyone. The driver chose to stay with her vehicle and we promised to call for help once we got cell service. The weather was unpredictable going from snow to sleet to sun in less than an hour.

Zack drove up and down dangerous mountain roads looking to help this driver before she could get cell service to reply to his calls and texts. She was popped out of a ditch with a chain by a Good Samaritan before Zack could get to her.

Laura K. — 3/28/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Awesome service, guy named Jake helped me out in my time of need. 100% calling Chappelle’s and asking for Jake next time I need a tow. Amazing service!

Phoenix C. — 1/24/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Thanks a million to Zac and your crew for driving on the Berry service road looking for this!  Your crew is top notch and will keep and refer you to another if needed in the future. Thanks again!

Laura Kennedy — 2/2/16

five stars

I have had to call AAA a few times in the past couple months and each time they sent a someone from Chappelle’s Towing to help with my car troubles. I have had the pleasure of working with Zac Wallace, Brandon Johnson, and Jake. All three of them have been more than helpful in situations that are less than pleasant. I can’t remember which one it was but my niece was watching him hook up my car to get towed from the front door and she was just fascinated and he gave her a little teddy bear, a small gesture but such a sweet one! Another time one of the guys ran around for an hour trying to help me find a place that had two tires with my specific size for my car. They have all shown to be very curious, kind, and more than helpful. I would recommend Chappells to anyone who needs a helpful hand with their car troubles! Thanks again guys for your help!!!!!

Megan Dugan — 4/15/16

five stars

I had to contact AAA to request a tow for my truck the other day. Chappelle’s towing was dispatched and Mikey showed up. He was very friendly and professional. I appreciated the care he took in towing my truck. He continued to assure me everything would be fine since he could tell I was nervous about my “baby” being towed. He was very quick but paid attention to detail. I would used Chappelle’s again and would definitely ask for Mikey.

B.Hype — 7/15/16

YAY for Chappelle’s Towing and Jake Best. Long car day close to home before a trip. YAY for Roadside assistance and Chappells friendly, prompt service on the phone and in person. I needed a ride home and car towed to town. Thanks Jake for a positive attitude and being helpful on a hard day.Tow truck companies have to deal with some dangerous situations on the highway and with impounds, repossessions,etc. Be safe. Thank You So Much for helping me this weekend!

 Stina R. — 7/15/16

Kenny went above & beyond to really help save the day!

Amber Woods — 6/8/16 

five stars

Jake Best is the Best!Had to get a “tow” from Battleground to Seattle. Not a good day. Jake’s expertise and good nature made the trip much better.Thanks!

Morey Behrens — 5/15/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

I don’t need a tow often, but Jake Best at Chapelle’s was amazing! The service was prompt, courteous, clean and affordable. Jake was super friendly and helpful-I can’t express how much I appreciate all of his help! He saved the day! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the Battleground area. Thanks again! -Jamie Hood

Jack Bear — 5/15/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Jake Best was amazing. He is truly a Hero. He risked his life changing my tire on the freeway and had cars coming within inches of him. I just want Chappelle’s towing to know how amazing he was, and that they did a great job hiring such a cute clean driver 🙂

Alexis Eugenio — 5/15/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Our Suburban broke down on the freeway on our way home to Seattle, with our giant dog inside the truck. Tyler from Chappelle’s Towing was courteous and professional and recommended an excellent local mechanic who was able to install a new fuel pump in our truck and get us on our way that same night!Thanks so much to Chappelle’s Towing for making a tough day much easier!

Rachel Hall — 6/15/13

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Great service, courteous. Tom was more than patient and helpful. Excellent towing service, clean trucks, and friendly.

Nicholas Boursaw — 6/15/13

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Amazing service today. Stranded 20 miles into an old forest service road out in the middle of nowhere and Chappelle’s delivered. Jake was incredible. An absolutely horrible situation and I walk away with a new friend in the process. Thanks for bailing out a girl in a super sketchy situation and having such a great attitude!

Brenda Woody — 5/28/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Fast and friendly service. My Chevy S10 broke down in Battle Ground, WA, today and after calling AAA for a tow, within 30 min, Jake Best of Chappelle’s towing showed up to tow my truck to the mechanic’s. Jake was friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Jake and Chappelle’s towing.

Mike Colburn — 6/22/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Today our pitman arm broke on our truck. We called Chapelles to come and tow us. They were fast and efficient. The service was awesome. I would like to say thank you to Mike Sanders and his partner for the awesome service that they provided. Mike also knows how to make people laugh during stressful situations and is an awesome cs rep for the company. #tow pink all the way.

Elaine Austin – Schroeder — 6/09/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

I want to thank Zac Wallace who came to my rescue on Wednesday. He was expedient at a time when I most needed it. His kindness and consideration went way beyond a routine call for me and my family. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to someone who showed me such thoughtfulness. In a world where everyone is so concerned about themselves, he exemplified a lesson in going the extra mile for a complete stranger. Ending the situation on nothing more than a thank you and a handshake is absolutely astonishing. Thank you Chappelle’s Towing, in Battle Ground, WA. for being a great company and sending Zac to help me.

Jennifer Mills — 2/12/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Within the last month and a half I’ve had to use my AAA to help me while stranded. Both times they sent out Chappelle’s and I just so happened to get the same driver both times. (Once for a flat tire and again for starter problems). I believe the driver’s name is Brandon, but not positive. Both days I was having a pretty rough time and your driver was awesome! With my flat tire he was quick and even followed me back onto the freeway with his flashing lights on so that I could merge safely as it was raining pretty hard and I couldn’t go very fast with my spare. He then made sure I made it to the nearest exit safely. Totally above and beyond! With the second situation I had been waiting for about an 1.5 hours because the driver originally sent out to me had been re routed to a police call. I don’t know if he remembered me from my tire situation but he was just as helpful and awesome, he actually got my car to start. He apologized a ton of times for my long wait but I totally didn’t mind cause I know it happens, especially during this raining season. Even though I was having rough days both those times I hope he knows how much it meant to me that he was so friendly about everything. I also really appreciate that he didn’t make me feel stupid since he was able to get my car to start when I could not. Being a girl I have gotten that sort of attitude before and it was a relief to be treated kindly! Don’t let that one slip away.

Celestrya McGee — 12/11/15

I just had a dead car battery that needed to be jumped. AAA sent out Chappelle’s and Zach arrived very quickly. He was so nice and helpful…even gave my daughter a little stuffed friend that she decided to name Zach in his honor. I highly recommend Chappelle’s for their excellent service! Thank you very much for your help!

Lori Bax — 1/15/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Great experience with Chappelle’s today. Mikey is the best and took great care of us.

David Staas — 05/26/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

BIG Thank you to the guy that came and saved me today at safeway . All good. Didn’t catch your name. But Thank you sooooo Much !!!

Miranda DeGrande — 2/19/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

I can not Thank Jake enough for helping us with a tow on last Friday.. he was very good at calming my son down letting him know every thing was going to be ok! we parted with a group hug…It made a horrible experience so much better.. Thank you for having such a great caring driver who likes his job and loves who he works for.

Kirstal DeKorte — 4/08/15

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Awesome company. My friends tire blew out and she and her 3 year old daughter were stranded on the side of the road. AAA was going to send out a local company but that company was rude to my friend on the phone, so she got AAA to send out someone else. The wait was a couple more hours, because of the distance, but the driver was extremely nice (and quite handsome 😉 ) and worked as fast as he could when he got there. It was definitely worth the wait for the better service.

Melissa Gaertner — 8/23/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Best tow company in North America! I will only use this company!

Mike Real — 1/12/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Really great customer service. They’re fast and friendly and know what they’re doing. Overall, pretty great it was this company that got the AAA call for me.

Allie Charleboix — 8/31/14

Four Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Much respect for this company and employee Kenny. He was very respectful, knowledgeable and honest. He went above and beyond customer service! Thanks!!

Lindsay Sherman — 11/28/15

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Today, the hottest day of the year our Wheelchair Van broke down with a severe gas leak from the engine, it needed to be towed to the dealership. My 24 year old grandson, with Cerebral Palsy was in his wheelchair and in the van with us, we were uncertain how to get him out of the van prior to having the van towed. The fire department came as it was a gas issue and removed the battery cables thus locking up the key, windows, etc. I contacted AAA to arrange for the tow, out of 10 different companies Chappelle’s was the ONLY company willing to take the tow. The tow truck arrived within 15 minutes or so. The driver’s name was Dan from Chappelle’s towing. He was such a pleasant person, professional, willing to answer all my questions and made me feel at ease with the situation. In this day and age it is nice to have people come to the rescue at such an extremely difficult time. I would like to publicly Thank Dan for his help today, he truly made a big difference at just the right time and in just the right way. Thank You Dan, God Bless

Jacqueline Hall — 7/02/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Made the call to AAA, went outside for a couple minutes, got a text saying they would be there about half hour later. About 5 minutes later i’m inside getting ready when i heard the tow truck. Damn that was fast!

Devin Chastain — 5/03/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Can’t say enough good things about this place!! Nicest trucks in town and the drivers are AMAZING! They’re always willing to go the extra mile for their customers!

Kristina May — 5/30/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Great company with the nicest trucks in town with fast and professional services

James Cozad — 12/05/13

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Chappelle’s is the best towing company in the valley, “the winning team”

Joshua Mackey — 7/18/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Yall are bad asses

Cody Quattlebaum — 1/09/14

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

I had a really good experience. Zack gave my ailing car and I a tow to my mechanic. I highly recommend Chappelle’s. The driver was professional and courteous.

Shawna C. — 5/16/16

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

My van died on me in a really creepy pay of town. After getting a taxi home I called AAA to have them meet my husband. Michael came and told my husband he didn’t need to wait, to just go ahead and head home. After he got to the house with the van he tried really hard to get it into our uphill driveway. The trailer hitch on my van kept it from haircut but he tried over and over! Super nice guy! I’d recommend them to anyone!

Jesssica M. — 2/05/17

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Mike, with Chappell Towing rescued my mercedes today. He went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver this car to the repair shop. He hand pushed my car to a safe parking spot. I’m very impressed & will use no other tow company.

Sally C. — 1/31/17

Five Star Rating Chappelles Towing

Keith just completed towing my 1951 Hudson to a repair shop. He is to be commended for his careful attention to a job well done without any problems.

Walt Glendenning — 7/28/16