What to Do if Someone is Parked in Your Parking Spot

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There aren’t many things more infuriating than walking up to your personal parking spot and seeing someone else’s car.

We get it: it’s been a long day, and you don’t want to park 3/4 mile away when the spot you paid for is just sitting right there.

It almost feels like it’s personal. Thoughts of payback come in many forms: leaving a nasty note, parking directly behind them, or maybe getting on their hood and jumping up and down a dozen times to really get your message across.

Fight your impulses, though. We have solutions.

The immediate and obvious choice

Warning tow away zone sign

Once your anger has subsided and you’ve put away your crowbar, most people take the next logical and less-aggressive step, which is calling a tow company. This is rather easy, as your parking lot most likely has a sign advertising a local service.

If you call, the person’s car will be impounded, and they will have to retrieve their vehicle and also pay a fine. 

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Since this is a bit drastic—especially if the owner is, say, just quickly picking something up from their friend—we’d recommend saving this for someone who does this repeatedly.

A more friendly alternative

Each private parking lot has someone who oversees it. Sometimes it’s a supervisor and sometimes it’s an attendant, such as the case with a parking garage. These people know the necessary steps for situations like these, when someone has parked in your spot.

Granted, this might result in the owner calling in a tow company, doing the thing you politely tried to avoid. If this happens, at least you don’t have to feel directly responsible.

In any case, this works out well as you get your parking spot back. Cities like Vancouver, Portland and Battle Ground are getting more crowded, so we’ll expect to hear more of these types of cases moving forward.

Chappelle’s Towing can help in these situations, if you really need a car removed. Give us a call at (360) 696-1710 to receive prompt service.  

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