Stuck in a ditch on the side of the road? Door-deep in a muddy puddle? High-centered? Whatever the situation, never fear. Chappelle’s Towing is here!

Our winching and recovery services are fast, safe, effective and best of all, affordable.

winching-vancouverOur crew has more than 100 years of combined experience. We have recovered vehicles rolled over, down embankments and cliffs, and even in the river. Winching out of snow, mud and rain is one of the many specialties that Chappelle’s Towing LLC has to offer here in Vancouver and Battle Ground, WA. Severe weather, swerving to avoid pedestrians or wildlife, or just plain bad luck can leave your vehicle stuck in a dangerous position. Let our winching and recovery professionals help retrieve your vehicle from the brink. All of our trucks are equipped with twin line booms, and we have a heavy duty recovery vehicle that can handle the most extreme conditions.

Every member of the Chappelle’s team lives locally, and we’re all aware of the areas that become dangerous during inclement weather. If you’re stuck up in the hills on the side of the road or took a bad gamble on driving through a flood in the city, we’ll be there quickly and take care of your situation.

To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service available, Chappelle’s Towing LLC utilizes the latest winching and recovery equipment, accessories and practices. Staying up-to-date in this industry helps us to provide you with safe, efficient and effective towing & roadside assistance at very affordable prices.

If you ever find yourself needing to be pulled out of a ditch or a quick tow to the nearest shop, give Chappelle’s Towing LLC call at (360)696-1710 and help will arrive shortly.