See AAA’s service terms, conditions, and definitions here.

Roadside service providers, like Chappelle’s, who participate in the Preferred Service Provider (PSP) program are dedicated to servicing AAA members exclusively. Preferred Service Providers consistently uphold excellent performance standards and follow stringent guidelines regarding AAA brand management and driver appearance.

We have been honored in receiving the Service Provider of Excellence award in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 for all of the hard work we do for AAA members. If you have AAA coverage, please request Chappelle’s Towing LLC to be your preferred towing company.

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Accident Towing

In the event of accident, fire or vandalism, AAA will tow the vehicle to an open, licensed repair facility or the storage yard of an affiliated contract station responding to the call.

Towing is also provided for the recovery of a stolen vehicle that has been disabled or for a mechanical breakdown that occurs while the vehicle is still under warranty.

Any additional towing costs incurred under these conditions — which might include storage, additional personnel, mileage, or special equipment beyond that allowed by the membership — are the responsibility of the member and are not refundable by AAA.

Battery Service

The service truck that responds to an emergency road service request will boost the battery or make minor mechanical adjustments, if permitted by the vehicle’s manufacturer, to return the disabled vehicle to operating condition. This service does not include parts replacement. If the vehicle can not be started, towing will be offered for eligible vehicles.

Emergency Towing

Towing service is provided to eligible vehicles that cannot be started or driven safely under the vehicle’s own power. Service is contingent upon the use of ordinary automobile service equipment, such as that available to AAA and contract facilities.

Classic/Basic members may have their vehicle towed at AAA’s expense from the point of breakdown back to the AAA station answering the call or to any open repair facility within a five-mile radius from the point of breakdown. Members may have their vehicle towed beyond normal towing limits at their own expense, depending on availability of personnel and equipment.

Any towing mileage beyond normal towing limits is payable directly to the service person responding to the request for service.

Flat Tire

If the eligible vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and serviceable, we will replace the flat tire with the spare. If an eligible vehicle does not have an inflatable spare tire, we will tow the vehicle to a repair facility or place for safekeeping.


If a member runs out of fuel, we will deliver an emergency supply of fuel (if it is available) to enable the member to reach the nearest source of fuel unless delivery is prohibited by law or the contractor’s insurance.

The member is charged for the fuel at current pump prices. Specific brands, quantities or octane ratings are not guaranteed. If fuel is not available, the towing provision below will apply for eligible vehicles.

Lock Out

We will dispatch a locksmith who will try to gain entrance into eligible vehicles in order to retrieve the ignition key. Locksmith service and the making of keys, if required to make the vehicle drivable, is limited to $50. This service does not apply to locking gas caps or anti-theft devices.


Eligible vehicles will be winched when they can be safely reached from a public highway, road, thoroughfare, driveway or parking lot. If extra service personnel or equipment are required, any associated costs are payable by the member.

Bicycle Service

AAA provides bicycle service to all membership levels. Bicycle transportation is provided to the member and their bicycle and service is counted towards your four roadside assistance service calls per member, per membership year. Bicycle coverage applies to any eligible bicycle you are riding at the time the bicycle becomes disabled.

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