Need a Car? Come to Our Auto Auctions!

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If you’re in need of a vehicle, we’ve got em’! Every other Thursday, we hold abandoned vehicle auctions in Vancouver and Battle Ground, where we sell impounded cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and even motorcycles that have not been redeemed by their owners for a period of time.

We proudly make our auctions open to the public and always free to attend! You are welcome to come and look over our inventory, with no pressure to participate in the auction. Vehicle previews begin the day of the event at 8:00am, and bidding starts at 11:15am at the Vancouver location and at 1:00pm in Battle Ground. You can preview available vehicles, updated weekly, prior to the event at the top of the Vancouver and Battle Ground auction pages.

Why Pick Up a Vehicle at Auction?

If you’re looking to obtain a vehicle for below-market-value and enjoy a little friendly competition, vehicle auctions are perfect for you! Just like plundering a thrift shop for deals, bidding on vehicles at auction can reveal hidden gems and offers you the chance to drive away in your very own car, truck, or other automobile. While some people attend auctions to obtain a primary vehicle, others come frequently to look for “hobby vehicles” that they can fix up, use for farm work, or even source for parts. The choice is yours!

How Do Auctions Work?

Vehicles are made available at our auctions through open and competitive bidding. Whoever bids the highest becomes the buyer of the vehicle, so prices can vary greatly, depending on demand and participation.

Our team moderates the auction and reserves the right to reject any bid and/or prohibit the sale of a vehicle. Due to the nature of the auction process, all sales are final sales, with no warranties or refunds, and vehicles come as-is. While we are happy to wave the buyer’s fee, sales tax at a rate of 8.4% does apply to each purchased vehicle.

Our Auction Rules

In order to ensure the safest and most enjoyable auto auction for all, we require that the following rules be following during each and every auction:

  • Bidders must bring a current photocopy of their driver’s license.
  • Each bidder needs their own bidder number. You can sign in get a number.
  • Bids can only be increased by between $5 and $500 at a time.
  • Every single vehicle requires first and second bidder numbers.
  • First bidders are required to pay for their vehicle(s) by 4pm on the auction day, in cash. The vehicle(s) need to be removed from the lot by 5pm the next day.
  • Each vehicle is sold as-is. No work will be completed on any vehicle until you have first paid for that vehicle.
  • Please refrain from bidding on more vehicles than you have the cash to purchase. You are required to pay for all vehicles on which you are the first bidder. First bidders who do not pay for their vehicles will not be allowed to attend any future Chappelle’s auctions.
  • Please do not leave any garbage or personal belongings in the vehicles or on our lot.

Thank you! We truly appreciate your respect of these rules, and look forward to seeing you at the auction! Do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.

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