When Do I Need to Call a Tow Truck?

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Funny enough, when people have car issues, the first thing they want to do is call a friend or relative. We understand – its a stressful situation. And you most likely want some comforting words, not a tow truck driver with the business-as-usual attitude.

But isnt that comforting, in its own way?

Tow truck drivers do this for a living. We know how to get your car safely from where it is to where it needs to be. Andwe arent so bad to deal with!

The problem is, people are still wary of calling a tow company. They think of it as a last resort. Theyre also afraid of the cost, so often theyll try to handle the situation themselves. Now we admire self-sufficiency, but not when it can put you or your car in harms way. You can also do damage to your car that hurts you far more in the long run.

In these instances, it
s quite appropriateand necessaryto call a tow company:

After An Accident

Sometimes, a car has damage to the undercarriagelike the wheels and axlewhich is hard for the driver to see. The driver will inspect the car and sometimes insist on driving it, thinking its fine. But it could cause further damage to the car.

Its like falling off a bike. Many times, injuries dont show until days later, when youve already refused to see a doctor and you cant make an insurance claim.

Further, a car left on the road after an accident is extremely dangerous. Too often we see secondary accidents happen because of debris from the primary one. We can prevent that.

When You Run Out of Gas

This is the most common time for people to call friends and family. Yet, like bringing your kids forgotten homework to school, it can be a major disruption to their day.

Some tow truck companies will deliver you a tank of gas as part of their service. Its much cheaper to do this, and far more convenient.

General Car Issues

The most common car issue is an overheated engine. Like accidents, people will attempt to solve the issue themselves, as many know how to cool off an engine. However, once its cooled, theyll continue driving, which can cause further harm to your car.

Same goes for transmission problems. This is a bit harder to fix, and should be done by professionals.

Basically, if any car failure happens, and the car is not drivable, its time to call a tow truck.

Car is In a Ditch

First of all, in these situations, we hope youre okay. So many people here call a friend with a jeep or truck to get them out. This can work, but unless they are familiar with proper towing, then they risk causing extreme damage to your vehicle.

Being in the Northwest, what caused your spill could have been due to snow, ice, or rainy surfaces. Thus, a non-professional who tries to help could put themselves into potential danger as well.

Its in these cases that it really is necessary to call a professional towing service. We understand the need to save costs, but dont do it at the risk of harming you or your vehicle. Weve been doing this for over 35 years – we know how to do this quickly and with the least amount hassle and costs to you.

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