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A popular local YouTuber known as Brecky Breck visits Chapelle’s Towing to learn about tow trucks, how they’re used in the community, and the importance of safety when performing a tow. In the video, Brecky talks about both a flatbed tow truck and a wheel lift autoloader used when a car can be towed on its rear wheels.

At the start of the video, Brecky Breck talks about the different components of the flatbed. From the gas tank – it holds 50 gallons of diesel fuel! – to the winch to the size of the bed, Breck discusses exterior features of the tow truck that helps it do the job it needs to do.

Brecky explains how to get the car onto the bed of the tow truck by using the wheel lift and the winch to pull the car into place. Control panels on each side of the truck move the bed into the proper position and then to operate the winch to pull the car into place. Straps then hold the car in place during transportation.

Toolboxes on each side of the truck contain chains, tire changing tools, jumper cables, bolt cutters, and air hoses for tire inflation. All the tools a tow truck needs to help a stranded motorist either change a tire if possible or take the car to a garage.

The Cab of the Truck
Brecky then moves on to the cab, where the tow truck driver operates the vehicle. The first thing she points out is the size of the cab, including back seats. Brecky explains that if the family car breaks down and needs to be towed, there is room for the whole family in the tow truck!

Lift and Load
Soon, Brecky’s friend and Chappelle’s Towing employee Dan puts the wheel lift autoloader into action. After starting the truck, Dan explains how to lower the autoloader, how it extends under the car and locks the tires in place, then how to lift the car. All of this is controlled by a panel on the back of the truck.

Hitting the Road

Brecky Breck video screenshot of a tow in processAbout halfway through the video, Brecky’s Uncle Teddy calls and needs a tow. She and Dan jump into the flatbed and away they go. Once at the vehicle, Dan angles the bed, moves it towards the vehicle, hooks the winch up, and pulls it on to the bed. Occasionally, he stops the winch to straighten the car out on the bed with the steering wheel.

Then the straps are affixed to each wheel to keep the vehicle in place. Once the straps are in position, Dan pulls the bed back to its original point and tips the bed back down. Brecky and Uncle Teddy get back into the cab where she introduces Chappelle the bear to Uncle Teddy.

After buckling up, the whole crew heads back to where they started for unloading of the vehicle. It’s essentially the loading process in reverse, although there are a few safety precautions to take, such as leaving one tire strapped in place. The episode ends with the gang doing a little dance.

About Brecky Breck

When she isn’t making fun, educational, and energetic videos as Brecky Breck, Breck Johnson is a mother of four in the Vancouver area. After running youth programs in both Corbett, OR, and Clark County, Johnson discovered she had a knack for keeping kids interested.

A mother of four herself, Johnson searched YouTube – the popular video sharing platform – for programs she and her young family could enjoy. While there were a few options, Johnson and her husband felt there should be more appropriate choices. The Brecky Breck YouTube channel was born! With more than 1,000 subscribers, Johnson hopes to instill a life-long love of learning in children everywhere.

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