Hauling vs. Towing: What’s the Difference?

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When Chappelle’s Towing first opened way back in 1981, the world looked a lot different than it does today. For one thing, Vancouver, Washington, which is our base of operations, was much less crowded. Home computing was still in its infancy, and few people had ever heard of a cell phone.

But some things have remained the same over the last 38 years (has it really been that long?), including the commitment to service and operational excellence at Chappelle’s Towing.

As we approach our 40th year in business, we find ourselves operating a fleet of 10 tow trucks based out of two locations covering the greater Southwest Washington area.

Chappelle’s Towing features a team of skilled vehicle recovery specialists who use state of the art equipment to provide the best towing services in the region. We guarantee 24-hour, damage-free towing, and we work hard to maintain only the highest levels of customer service, regardless of whether you engage with our towing services via our dispatch team or directly with one of our helpful drivers.

The core services at Chappelle’s Towing have also remained the same: towing, roadside assistance, impound services, accident scene services, winching and public auto auctions. Over the years, however, we’ve had many people asking us about hauling services, so we thought now would be a good time to offer a brief overview regarding the difference between hauling and towing.

Vancouver Towing vs. Hauling

Most drivers are familiar with towing services and all the above-mentioned jobs that often go along with it. At Chappelle’s Towing, we use so-called “self-loader” boom/wheel-lift tow trucks, medium duty flatbeds and a motorcycle trailer. Roadside assistance services are aimed at drivers who have become stranded due to engine failures, dead batteries, flat tires, or because they’ve run out of gas or locked keys in the car.

Hauling services are altogether different. While towing deals with vehicles, hauling deals with junk — or at least discarded and unwanted items from either residential or commercial properties. Hauling companies will come and pick up just about anything for you: old appliances, furniture, yard debris, etc.

Chappelle’s Towing does offer hauling services for sheds, ATVs, toolboxes, trailers, hulk cars, and trucks.

Chappelle’s Towing

If you’re looking for Vancouver towing services, then Chappelle’s Towing is looking for you. We’re the preferred provider for AAA services, and we’re proud to have been honored multiple times as a service provider of excellence by that organization.

As we said at the beginning of this blog post: A lot has changed since 1981, but for your Vancouver towing needs, the best has remained the best: Chappelle’s Towing.

Please contact Chappelle’s Towing at 360-696-1710 (Vancouver towing) or 360-723-5750 (Battle Ground towing) for any and all of your towing or roadside assistance needs.

We’re here 24/7/365, and we’re ready to wow you with the most professional and reliable towing services available — just as we’ve always been.

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