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It’s one of the many joys of car ownership: the inevitability of a flat tire. All sarcasm aside, if you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you’ve probably had to deal with that sinking feeling of a deflated tire.

Many times, it’s through no fault of your own. Maybe a box of nails fell off the back of a construction truck or some unsavory character thought it might be funny to release air out of your tire as a prank. Either way, it’s a problem you probably didn’t schedule a time for when you left the house.

However, there are times when driver neglect is the cause of a flat tire. Tires have a finite amount of tread, and if overextended, they are more susceptible to blowing out. Bald tires can also make driving more difficult, especially in wet conditions. Then a driver will have a lot more to contend with than a flat tire.

No matter the reasoning, it’s important that motorists are prepared are to deal with a flat tire when they occur. This means a dependable spare tire, car jack, and being familiar with how to replace a flat tire. Find yourself in a situation where none of the above are available? Then it’s time to call for professional roadside assistance service.

Flat Tire Towing Services

As a AAA member, motorists can call for help 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. If you aren’t appropriately prepared for a flat tire, having a AAA membership is the next best thing.

Another step a car-owner can take is to find out what kind of tire changing service their insurance company offers as part of their automobile insurance coverage. Even if it’s spendy, think about how much it might be worth to keep an entire day from being wasted dealing with a flat.

Another bonus working with these services? You may be able to salvage the tire itself. Depending on where/how the flat occurred (like with those neighborhood pranksters), the tire may be re-inflated on the spot. A tire can be repaired if there are smaller leaks in the treads, too.

Flat Tire? Consider Chappelle’s Towing

Chappelle’s Towing has been helping motorists with flat tires for nearly 40 years. This includes minor tire repairs, adding more air to the tires, and replacing a flat with the spare. You probably know us as the Pink Towing Truck people.

In addition to helping with a bad tire, our trucks are equipped to help jump start a car, deliver a vehicle to a repair shop, and several other roadside services. The most important thing we do is making sure you and your car are taken out of harm’s way and somewhere safe.

Our drivers are professional, efficient, and friendly throughout the time of service to the end. After all, it’s already a stressful situation – we certainly don’t want to add to your worry! We are also proud to have been honored with a Lifetime Achievement award from AAA. We have been recognized as an AAA Top Service Provider for the past 10 years as well.

We hope you never have to experience a flat tire, a car that won’t start, or a fender bender? But when if you do, contact Chappelle’s Towing. You can also request Chappelle’s when using AAA or when buying roadside assistance insurance from a carrier.

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