Don’t Believe These Car Battery Myths

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Car Battery Myths


Don’t Believe These Car Battery Myths

When it comes to your car, most of us have it tended to by a certified mechanic. However, there are times when we decide to deploy our DIY cape and handle an issue ourselves. One of those areas is the car battery. Whether you’ve tried to start your car and it won’t turn over, or you get the “clicks” or slow turnover with the knowledge that you’re now in a game of Russian roulette with your car battery.

Understanding your Car Battery

One thing is for certain; your battery needs attention. The following debunked myths can help clarify what may or may not be wrong:Car Battery

  • A friend told me the bigger the cold cranking amps (CCA), the better

No. Car manufacturers design the cars with specific wiring and electrical systems around the on-board computer for maximum efficiency. Although a battery with a larger CCA number will only use what is needed to start the car, using a battery with the wrong CCA can ultimately damage the battery itself.

  • The battery I just replaced lasted less than 36 months, is this normal?

No. Although batteries do deteriorate over time, there are several factors that will affect the life of a battery: the climate the battery operates in, the original construction of the battery, and the maintenance of the battery. A good quality battery generally has a 60-75 month lifespan and warranty.

  • I had my car jumped to start it. Will driving it for 30-45 minutes recharge my battery fully?

No. Getting a jump to start your car will not bring a totally dead battery back to life, nor will idling the car for a long period of time. The only way to restore a dead battery is with a multi-stage battery charger.

The important thing to remember with your battery is that it needs regular maintenance. A rule of thumb is; when you change your oil, make sure the certified mechanic is checking your battery as well. Your battery can last you over five years if it is properly maintained and serviced regularly.

If you have more questions regarding your car battery or your car maintenance in general, check us out at, and feel free to contact us if you have any general car maintenance or towing needs.

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