Do I Need Roadside Assistance?

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When it comes to your vehicle, it can be very stressful assessing whether or not you need to take certain precautionary measures. While most people are pretty indifferent to these sorts of things, a lot of concerned drivers are always on top of their vehicles. Even with those who are diligent, they are often more concerned with who their mechanic is rather than the insurance paperwork that covers the issue of roadside assistance.

Even though insurance paperwork may seem quite mundane, it is actually very important in terms of determining what, if any, roadside assistance you are covered by. If you are unsure about whether or not you need roadside assistance coverage, here are some things you should keep in mind.

How to Know if you Need Roadside Assistance

Know The Mechanical Sustainability of Your Vehicle

It is absolutely vital that you have an understanding of your vehicle’s mechanical condition. Even if you aren’t mechanically inclined, you need to have a working knowledge of it, because it’s the only way you will be able to judge whether or not you need roadside assistance.

If you drive a vehicle that is not always reliable, then you are a great candidate for roadside assistance. The reason is quite simple: if you are driving a relatively high-risk vehicle and you are more likely to break down, it would make sense to have a roadside assistance plan set up. There are other reasons you will want to invest in roadside assistance.

Peace of Mind

Without a doubt, one of the most important reasons roadside assistance coverage is great, is that it provides peace of mind. When you can actually drive consistently without worrying about being stranded somewhere, you will be in a much better state of mind.


Who wants to worry about who to call when we’re stuck on the side of a busy highway? If you have a roadside assistance plan, it’s all taken care of for you.


In addition to the peace of mind provided by roadside assistance coverage, it can also save you money in the long run. Sure, there may be some upfront cost involved, but not worrying about the upfront cost of paying for the assistance yourself, possibly multiple times, you are mitigating the risk of any possible breakdowns.

Is roadside assistance right for you? Speak with your insurance company if you have additional questions. You can also contact Chappelle’s Towing, as we not only offer you reliable and friendly towing services in your time of need, but also provide a roadside assistance plan for our customers.

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