The Craziest Things We’ve Seen as Tow Truck Drivers

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(Warning: Do NOT Read These on a Weak Stomach)

Just one night of towing brings enough stories to fill a page. We’ve been doing this for years. When it comes to crazy stories, we don’t even know where to start.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite tow stories, ranging from the things we’ve seen to some of our funniest customers. These are all real stories from our employees at Chappelle’s:

  • “We impounded a car one time that, for some reason, was stuffed with broccoli. Window to window, filled to the top. Now, we impounded it in the middle of summer, so heat was bearing down on the vehicle. Nobody picked it up for awhile. When I checked on it days later, you couldn’t see inside any of the windows. Every inch of the inside was coated in black mold.”
  • “One guy was quite angry as I was loading his car. He was pretty young, maybe in his early 20s. All the sudden he pulled out a weapon. Before he pointed it, he pulled a bandana over his face. I was freaked out, but I was also thinking, ‘Dude, I saw your face like two seconds ago.”
  • “Got a check one time, the woman’s name on it was ‘Amy B. Loosely’. We got a kick outta that.”
  • “A guy got a DUI one time; he wouldn’t be driving anymore. The vehicle was originally his wife’s, who’d died the year before. The guy’s daughter called Chappelle’s specifically so we could retrieve the car because she didn’t trust any other tow company to handle the vehicle safely. That was pretty touching.”
  • “A pickup truck had this mini-fridge in the back. You didn’t even have to open it to know there was some seriously rotten meat in it. One day we did, and the meat had been in there so long it was completely liquefied. It gets worse, though! A father and son came one day to remove the fridge. As they lifted it up to transport it, the door came open, and meat dripped all over one of them.”

Our bet is, if you ever asked a tow truck driver to share his or her favorite stories, you’d get some similar stuff. Every night is crazy for us.

Do you have towing stories to share too? Let us know!

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