5th Annual Boys & Girls Club Winterhawks Night Out

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Boys and Girls Club children in a suite at a Winterhawks Game.For the fifth year in a row, Chappelle’s Towing LLC has had the honor and privilege of teaming with 3 Kings Environmental to send 12 kids to a Portland Winterhawks Western Hockey League match at the Moda Center. Giving back to the community that has allowed Chappelle’s to grow is a critical part of our mission as a business serving this community.

The Winterhawks Night Out continues to be our favorite event as we not only get a chance to give these kids an exciting adventure, but we get to learn and grow from them as well. For many of the children, from local Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, this is the first time seeing a hockey game, much less attending an event at the Moda Center.

The Winterhawks beat Tri-Cities 8-2, but the evening meant so much more than the final result. The Fifth Annual Boy’s & Girl’s Club Winterhawks Night Out gives children from Fruit Valley Elementary School a unique and exciting opportunity to spend an evening with friends at a new and exciting event and be honored for their accomplishments as students.

Boys and Girls Club children enjoying a suite at The Winterhawks GameChildren were chosen based on good grades, rewards for good behavior, or as a way to give at-risk youth a trip to Portland. Some for the very first time! The students were taken to the game by representatives from 3 Kings, Chappelle’s Towing, and a Fruit Valley Boy’s & Girl’s Club board member.

Along with four chaperones/sponsors, the kids watched the game from a suite, enjoyed dinner, and had a great time cheering on the Winterhawks. For all of us involved in making the event happen, seeing the smiles and listening to the laughter brought joy not often experienced the rest of the year.

And that was the point: we wanted to show the kids that there are adults in their community who want to see them do well, have fun, and succeed in whatever they want to do in life. We hope this encourages the children to “pass it on” when they get older and have the opportunities to do the same for youngsters in the future.

We also hope other community leaders and business owners see how much goodwill can be generated from a single night out of the year. By creating a special night out for a local non-profit, we can all give back to the community that has given us so much.

Pictures from the 2020 Winterhawks Night with the Boys and Girls Club

Winterhawks Night Through The Years

Other Chappelle’s Towing Community Events

Pink Tow Trucks? Absolutely!
While nothing warms the heart of a bunch of giggling children, our TowPink initiative hits really close to home. The mother of one of our owners had breast cancer. As a way to join the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, we’ve painted many of our tow trucks pink.

It’s also what drew us towards The Pink Lemonade Project. For many breast cancer survivors and their families, the emotional and psychological toll of diagnosis and recovery becomes too much to bear. Since 2010, the project has been working to provide critical support for breast cancer survivors who need help.

Chappelle’s Community Relations Coordinator also sits on the board of directors and three committees helping develop this blooming organization.

Giving a Lift
Another event we’re proud to be a part of was the Community Uplift Program. For five years, we worked with Jacobus CARSTAR to award a car to a deserving member of the community. Chappelle’s would find an unclaimed car from our lot and Jacobus CARSTAR would do the rest.

This car was detailed, repaired, and given a complete overhaul to make sure it would give the community member a safe, dependable mode of transportation for them and their family. For so many, not having a vehicle really limits how a parent can provide for the family. We were happy to give a deserving family a needed “lift.”

Much like Clark County has helped us grow over nearly four decades. It has been our pleasure to give back to the community in the past and present and for many years to come.

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