Towing The Car That Plunged 40 Feet

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What happens when you’re speeding down I-5 with bald tires and a car full of fireworks?

A pretty messy clean-up, that’s what.

Car plunges 40 ft off i5

This was one of our most recent tows—as reported in The Columbian—and it was done with skill and ease by our very own, Kenny.

We can’t say it’s like tows we’ve had in the past. Typically we’re called in for a blown tire or someone broken down. This car, which cleared the jersey barrier, posed one of the messiest tows we’ve had to handle: every piece of metal was bent, debris was further than Kenny could see, shreds of tires were strewn about. Not to mention, there were all the fireworks.

“I couldn’t even tell what kind of car it was til I got down there,” he says. “It was shaped like a horse shoe.”

Fortunately the driver lived through it, though he was in serious condition. The accident happened after he merged lanes too quickly and lost control of his vehicle. He was ejected from the car.

Kenny’d done jobs like this before, notably when he was called for a tow out of Lucia Falls. This time, the vehicle had plunged a third the distance—40 feet down as opposed to Lucia’s 120—but the circumstances were harder. Namely, the embankment was almost literally straight down.

The fire department was there, so they had a ladder for Kenny. It was simple enough for him – he walked down, hooked up the car and got it up and over. The only challenge was making sure it didn’t flip as it came back over the barrier.

Like a true professional, Kenny was out in less than an hour.

“Even the cops were impressed,” Kenny said.

White car in impound lot

We’re not surprised. Kenny’s great at what he does. He’s been around vehicles his whole life – his dad was a tow truck driver as well as a mechanic. Kenny was a mechanic before working with us. Now he’s been towing for three years now – and never works without a hitch (no pun intended). Whatever’s there, he gets the job done.

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